Review of Seconds to Live by Leisurerules

Seconds to Live has been made in simple mechanics and visuals along with difficult challenge scenarios that will get you to use your knowledge and reflexes in to avoid a chicken-killing car.

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In this game, the chicken named Fredley is being chased by a car.
In line with this, it is your duty to help Fredley stay alive until the car runs out of gas.
At the same time, be sure to not let Fredley cross the road or be hit by that car.

For such reasons, this game is a kind of bizarre, unsightly, compelling, infuriating, and satisfying, where you have to guide that chicken to avoid some obstacles, activate good power ups, but you must avoid bad power ups then try completing the game on any difficulty level so that you can gain the best score to win the prize.

The rule to play this game is pretty simple as you have to survive through the level, and every time you complete each mission, the points are calculated and added to a running total that puts you on a leaderboard as you can compete for real money.
The money itself will be awarded based on which of the three difficulties are completed in that it will come to high score among others on the leaderboard.

On the other sides, some power-ups and the ability will help you maximize the score so that you can complete levels back-to-back and finish as far ahead of the enemy car as possible.
Moreover, you will also have the ability to spend points at the beginning of each level to decrease the amount of time that you can have to survive against the car.
Along the game, you will often get banner ads appear on the bottom of the screen.

In conclusion, this game is trying to engage and compel players as you will always curious of how to keep the chicken stayed alive through every stage.


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