Review of Scroodles as An Entertaining Word Game

Scroodles from Mad Sally Games is a simple appealing word game for ios users where you will control an eraser to beat a group of mischievous drawings with a word`s spelling

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In other words, this game is all about a pretty entertaining battle of words.
Early on the game, you will see that Scroodles are drawn to life at the start of each level
Then, it is your job to create words to erase them

You will see that each Scroodle is illustrated colorfully and has unique stats for health, intelligence, and speed.

You will get each level with a different ‘board’ layout, such as Double Word or Triple Letter.
Then, you can use power ups to find a way to use that P in a word to freeze a Scroodle

Later on, you will deal with various monsters by spelling out words.
At this point, you will get a series of letter tiles to put together to create whatever you want to.

Here, vowels are one point, while using X, J, or Z is where the big points are.
To play this game, you will have to react as fast as you can to spell out words with the big scoring tiles.

Every board in this game has a few special tiles, where you can take advantage of double letters, double words, etc.

When you find yourself creating smaller words, you can use a health tile to bolster your HP bar.
To help your job complete fast, you can use power-ups, that will allow you to freeze an enemy with a specific tile applied on the board.
Always be sure to watch out your energy meter of sorts, where you have limited lives at your disposal

Anyway, this game has some levels to complete to go to the next stages
And, you may get yourself entertained by playing this game in later levels


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