Review of Scribblenauts Unlimited as An Adventure Puzzle Game

Scribblenauts Unlimited as the popular puzzle adventure game has just come to the App Store where you can join Maxwell and his friends to traverse landscapes and summon appropriate objects there
Here, you can make anything you can dream while solving the game’s puzzles.

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In this package, you will meet the other characters such as Hipster Lincoln, Robo-Einstein, Corporate Werewolf, and Queen of the Skies.
Then, you can also unlock new playgrounds featuring new playable levels.

This game also tells the backstory of Maxwell of why he is on a mission to gather up Starlites, and why he has that magic notepad, and what happened to his twin sister, Lily.

In other words, you will have to help Maxwell navigate a weird world and collect Starlites by solving puzzles.
And, he always brings the magical notepad to note anything such as writing an adjective and a noun onto the pages.

Also, you can tack on adjectives to already-existing objects to give them a boost.
On the other side, you can also call on a tiny purple metal flying elephant and have it arrive in your world.

When you are about to complete a puzzle, you may firstly come across a woman whose cat is stuck in a tree.
To solve this, you can look at notebook trying to think of an amazing way to rescue this cat.
At this moment, you can type l-a-d-d-e-r so that a ladder poofed into existence.
You can then climb it, rescue the cat, and complete the puzzle.
Later on, you will come across with anything which need to solved to go to the next level

Anyway, this game has offered suffer a bit when the artificial intelligence is not cooperative.
Graphically, this game is made with great graphics which you can experience it on your own during the gameplay

In conclusion, this game is an excellent game which will allow you to play with your imagination to solve every single puzzle.


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