Review of Satellina as A Tricky Puzzle Game

Satellina which is made by Peter Smith is a kind of a simple and elegant puzzle game in motion
This game has made in a clean, minimalistic look, a catchy original synthpop soundtrack, along with a challenging levels that you have to complete in specific time for rewards

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With a timed structure that is perfect for speedrunning, Satellina has a tricky and good puzzle game that is reliant upon your ability to react quickly and plan ahead similarly fast.

Playing in each level will get you to accomplish a very simple objective where you will be prompted swipe your cursor over the green dots.
At the same time, if you hit the yellow dots or the red dots, it is game over.

In line with this, the main point of this game is to collect the first set of green dots, the yellow dots change green, and the red ones turn yellow, etc.
Plying in the levels will be a simple premise but it actually proves to be quite tricky at times.

Furthermore, every level of this game consists of a number of waves of circles, all moving rapidly that get you to quickly negotiate your way around the colors that you do not need.

You will encounter that early stages ease you in with typical circular motions being quite easy to anticipate
Afterward, it will soon become a fast paced race for survival.
Sometimes, some stages will prompt you to take a moment to analyze the situation
And, you will also have to move as fast as possible, with a timer keeping an eye on your progress at all times.

Sometimes, you will be a bit infuriated by your slow reactions and sometimes your finger will find itself in the way.
In related to the music, this game has brought the vibrant soundtrack that will get yourself steadily to keep trying to accomplish each level.

When trying to complete the easier route, you can possible pursue trickier paths too, that will be further adding to the challenge.

In addition, playing Satellina will require more concentration than most, but it is good for testing your brain and reflexes to move dot from one to another.
It is a fairly speedy game, but even when taking your time like a satisfying mixture of twitch gaming and tactical thinking, you can still glean some benefits here and there.


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