Review of Sailing Home Learn Animal Habitats by Puppet Life

Puppet Life has come to ios with the newest game entitled Sailing Home – Learn Animal Habitats
Specifically, this game allows preschool children the chance to learn about animal habitats along with other facts about different wild animals.

sailing home learn anima habitat walkthrough ios android

In this game, your kids can help sail around the world depositing animals in the correct continent or area of the globe in which they live like dropping a kangaroo off in Australia, a camel to Africa, or a Toucan to Central America.

Here, you can also see the horizon and rolling waves, along with the sounds of the sea and the fun, calming, yet upbeat music.

Animals are displayed within the ship that is taking these creatures home
And all you will have to do is simply to tap to introduce the player to each character complete with some very interesting information that is expertly narrated by the ship’s captain and is truly top-notch.

Your kids will find the soothing descriptions relaxing and informative, which is including an image of the habitat of each animal that one can use to match against the included map
Again, this allows children to choose a destination and then drop off the correct animal and they can also snap a picture to remember each creature that is to be saved in the photo book to look back at later.

The developer present this app in delightful and quite stylized where the animals here are slightly cartoony yet with enough realism to keep things educational.
You can see animals such as the African fennec, the world’s smallest carnivore that many children will not be familiar with, as well as favorites such as pandas and brown bears.

On the other side, tapping each animal will trigger some friendly movements and animal noises as well as a few anthropomorphic sighs and laughs to show appreciation for all the players’ help in sending them home, as well as creating more interactive moments without any distracting bells or whistles.

Anyway, the game will be over after three animals are sent home, but it can easily be played again with a ship full of new characters in need.

In addition, the role-playing aspect is really good, as the short scene that opens this app creates a sense of being the ship’s right hand as one looks over the shoulder of the captain
And, you will have the task of choosing where to sail and which animals to bring home.
Moreover, this will allow your kids to feel helpful and kind to these beasts, in which playing this app that is recommended for toddlers and those in preschool.


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