Review of RPG Rusted Emeth

Kotobuki Solution RPG has recently presented Rusted Emeth as a role playing game to mobile platforms ios and android in that this game seems to have a nice looking 16-bit aesthetic, Japanese-inspired character design, robots, questing, and more.

rusted emeth walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will take direct control of the main character, Jink, with the purpose of moving him along in his quest to be a successful bounty hunter.

Later on, you will go on quests to get more insight into the world and earn upgrades for their golem: giant robots that most bounty hunters use.

In related to the control options, you can use an on-screen d-pad or tap the screen to direct Jink around the overworld, and tap through menu items upon entering any random battle encounters.

Anyway, this game has some significant issues that keep it from feeling anything like a polished experience.

The first of Rusted Emeth‘s issues is in the control scheme where you can make use of the touch screen, but set of controls feels well tuned for iOS devices due to bad button placement and poor pathfinding.
Also, this game does not rely on any action sequences.

On the other side, as a bounty hunter, your character will go to a specific building in town to pick up quests.

Upon completing these quests, almost every quest is entirely repeatable
And, if a quest is repeated, the exact same long sets of dialogue play out again and are entirely un-skippable.
This is like a small complaint, but when the writing is dubious at best, you will see that more missions will be available on the bounty board
Meanwhile, much of the gameplay will begin to feel like a pointless slog.

In addition, this game, Rusted Emeth has delivered a good job of emulating a 16-bit role playing game in the aesthetic sense
So, if you love playing Japanese rpg you should try this game and feel your experience while trying to accomplish from one quest to another


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