Review of RPG Grace of Letoile

Kotobuki Solutions as the developer game such as RPG Crystareino and any other games in similar has just launched the next debut in role playing game that is called RPG Grace of Letoile

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When playing this game, you will find a surprisingly good plot with lots of interesting twists and turns, a thoughtful and unusual battle system, and a satisfying method that will allow you to customize your characters.

You will then be taken to follow the story, which sees heroic orphan Vedley and his sister Moniya chasing down legendary artifacts to try to change the past.

In this story, Magical dolls called Letoiles are scattered around the world, and they can collect all of their cores, it will gain the power to grant any wish.

Anyway, the dolls cannot move on their own, it is your time to bind and power that dolls with the soul of a human.

Here, Vedley binds himself to a particularly prickly one named Ajin, and he will set off to look for and destroy the remaining Letoiles, because there can be only one.

Through this game, the developer seems to enjoy setting their heroes against the entire world with several characters like Vedley who can bounce off of.

Later on, the battle system will be a little hard to explain, and it is turn-based with the traditional style and one side lining up on the right and the other on the left.

You can make limited use of something called the Chronos Gauge, that can interrupt an action or use a special move, both of which can disrupt the order of turns.

In line with this gauge, it resembles a clock, with numbers from one to twelve on its face.
Every turn taken advances the clock by one hour, and performing special moves can synchronize with the current hour that will refill the gauge.

On the other side, you can also add to the gauge with regular attacks, then plan out your special attacks well by using of the Chronos Gauge often.

Since the Chronos Gauge moves forward in a dependable way, you have to try to plan for when you use certain special moves that will coincidence with the hour the clock currently showing.

Besides, some special moves are contained in gems in that you should equip to characters to use.
Every character here will have a plate that these special gems can be fit into that character.

Early on, you are limited in the number of slots you can access, after you have leveled up your character, you can open and make use of new locations on the clock in whatever order you would like.

Anyway, this game has delivered the fidgety navigation controls, a clunky UI designed more for a numeric keypad than touch, and the blurry lurching of the screen when you move your character.

In addition, this JRPG, Grace Of Letoile has contributed a lot of interesting ideas in that if you are big fans of the genre, you will find interesting to play around with
And, following the story is pretty decent, even if the dialogue belongs in la toilette.

Thus, if you look for the whole JRPG idea, you can stick to Grace Of Letoile, where you will be brought to the plot that is unusual and its specific mechanics are unique one.


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