Review of RPG Crystareino by Kotobuki Solution

Crystareino has come to mobile with Hit-Point’s older game engine and assets.
You will see the battles in pretty low-tech, with a head-on view that only shows your characters from the back in super-deformed form.

crystareino the awakening hero and the kingdom of the crystal walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will play as a hero who is assigned to rescue the world from the Demon King, and he will always train hard for that day.
In his journey, he has joined by his spirit beast, trainer, and mouthpiece, Eppol, who looks a bit like a baby luck dragon.

This game includes a job system with 20 different classes, where you can change job classes in the character’s stats.
You will learn skills from that class through battles, you can walk away with a bonus of some type that you can carry into another class along with all the learned skills.

On the other side, you will be given with four menus that you can use as a simple heal spell outside of combat, and regular activities as well.

According to the game control option, you are able to play with touch controls or virtual buttons, and you can easily switch between the two at the tap of a button.
Moreover, you can also use an MFi controller as well.

Also, this game is coming with the usual Kemco IAP where you can earn or buy points that can be exchanged for cheat items at a special shop.
You can get the points with ease, but the items are not all that expensive.

From all above lines, this game has presented another solid effort from the hardest-working team Kemco publishes for.
Anyway, if are bored of JRPGs and their usual tricks, this game will be worth to taste.


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