Review of Roto A Simple Circular Puzzle with Chapters

ROTO is the west game from WerakuGames that will offer a one-touch, free-to-play, puzzler with smart level design.

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The rule of playing this game is pretty simple as you will have to control a ball-like character that needs to reach its goal that you can do by bouncing between rotating surfaces and avoiding obstacles like buzzsaws.

You can launch this little ball with a single tap, in which you will require to time the rotation of your character carefully to make sure the ball reach the end of the level.
At the same time, you will also be able to collect stars, and rewards in that you can then unlock additional chapters for free.

You will meet four chapters in this game containing stages that focus on a specific mechanic.
In the first chapter, you will mainly focus on the fundamentals, that will give you a chance to acclimate your self to the controls and the general concept.
Afterwards, if you can reach the final chapter you will go to portals to leap from one end of the stage map to the other to reach the goal.

Anyways, these aspects seem to be functional and competent
However, the minimalistic aesthetic will not really add much, and since the game itself is a bit derivative the experience mostly felt like playing an also-ran.

Moreover, even tough this game is free-to-play, and the ability to unlock chapters for free, sometimes you will be in a situation you are unable to unlock these chapters even after going through earning enough stars to do so.
At this point, you should be aware that might be possible that you will only have access to the first chapter even if you gather the requisite 50 stars to unlock the second one.

Entirely, this game is a good game, although it seems to have all of the features of its genreā€™s ilk, its aesthetic and peculiar issues.
On the other side, you will be looking for a few free-to-play one-touch puzzles out there, but this game may be worth to try first.

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