Review of Rop Challenge You Solve Puzzle

MildMania has a new polished, mind-bending, a minimalist puzzle game which is really rather compelling along with 77 mind bending levels and extra-ordinary design.

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In this game, every level will provide a series of ropes and a picture of what you need to make.
Dealing with this, you have to move the ropes around to make that desired shape.

In early levels, this will be very simple stuff as it is not hard to make a rectangle from a couple of ropes.
Besides ropes, you will also be served with triangular patterns and other concotions, that will make this game turn trickier, as well as more satisfying to play with.

Later on, every rope will have a fluidity to it that will make it feel more alive than it actually is.
To play this game, you will merely drag the ropes around, while placing them in one of the hexagonal slots which dictates where things can be placed.
Here, you will not be able to place two ropes on the same slot.

Playing this game will rely on your ability to think visually and laterally
Moreover, you will need to step away for a moment or two and come back to see things through a fresh pair of eyes.

To taste this game is free of high score chasing, or hints, or anything particularly complex in similar.
Throughout the game, the challenge stems from working your way through the set of puzzles
And, you will be challenged to solve 88 puzzles to be exact, and they should last you a fair while.

To make some points, you will sometimes scratch your head but you will always be back for more.
Anyway, this game has been well made and well focused puzzle game that will make the minimalist puzzle game be addicted to keep playing.

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