Review of Roller Coaster Tycoon 3

Frontier Developments has launched RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 or RCT3 as the classic strategy simulation game to the ios and android phones

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This game is all about building and managing a theme park through the 18 Career Mode scenarios or the more free-form sandbox mode.
Here, you can hire staff to set the price of foodstuffs in the park and build roller coasters.

Anyway, this game is the first in the series that is served with a fully moveable 3D camera, a first-person CoasterCam, coordinated fireworks shows, and a sandbox mode
Along the game, you can build a the park of your dreams from scratch.

When playing this game, you use the touch inputs to draw and ride construction in which that touch interface eliminates the need for some of the UI

However, this game pace can feel a bit slow.
In line with this, there will be a lot more things to be managed to justify the slower speed

Beyond that, this game is relatively lack of updated controls or design in any form that can make it feel clunky and slow.

In addition, this game still gives you amusement to play and build your dreamt roller coaster to be placed on your park


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