Review of Rock On A SongPop Adventure

FreshPlanet will take to go an adventure through the world of Rock ā€˜nā€™ Roll that you can find in their newest game, Rock On A SongPop Adventure

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In this game, you will simply listen to clips of Rock hits and guess the correct artist or song of that music.

On the other words, this game will test your knowledge of rock where you will be tested to guess the artist, other times the song.

Here, you can listen to some music genres such as Classic Rock, Heavy Metal, Punk Rock, Pop Rock, Indie Rock, and more.
So, you will have to master each level that will lead you to be a Rock Legend

Along the game, you will work your way through the game level by level
Early on this game, the levels are a simple matter of guessing 5 out of 10 songs correctly.
Then, you will be asked to guess 6 songs in a row correctly, or to guess quickly for the sake of points and a steadily decreasing timer bar.

Anyway, Rock On will not t give you much choice of what you will tackle next, although every now and then, you get a specialist subject that you can pick out.

Sometimes, you will have to replay some stages to unlock sufficient star that guide you to go to new levels
However, this game is the kind of game that should get monotonous but manages to dodge that issue by simply being good fun.

In addition, you will run out of lives leaving you to wait out for more
Or, you can watch a video to skip ahead.
And, if you love playing music game, you have to try Rock On on your phone.


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