Review of Rime Berta is SRPG in Japanese Characters

Naruto Suzuki has presented the newest game which is in form of Japanese indie SRPG Rime Berta in that this game is coming with a few excellent strategy RPGs on the App Store.

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In this game, you follow the story of a young girl named Livia, who hails from a village afflicted with a terrible disease to heal.
Near the village, there is a great tower stretches into the sky along with a treasure that can grant wishes to whoever can claim it.

Here, Livia wants to sneak into the tower to try to rescue her village
Then, a puppet girl said that she will be able to help Livia battle her way to the top.

The tower is broken up into floors consisting of a set number of stages, and you will get a story sequence at the end of each floor with a few hours between each meager snippet.

In order to get your victory in this game, you have to master swords, daggers, spears, bows, magic attacks, recovery magic, support magic, traps, and other various skills

You will go through each stage, where you can field your team of up to five dolls against a larger group of enemy dolls.
Each side will get to turn moving all of their characters
Anyway, if you have played an SRPG before, you will play from an isometric viewpoint that can be cinematic but also kind of troublesome when you are trying to select a mostly-obscured square.

On the other side, the game’s skill system comes with each class that allows you to learn certain skills and level in which each skill is up individually by using them.
You can also equip a set number of skills for each character at any given time
In line with this, make sure to make some careful choices about what you need in your small party.
Later on, you can set certain skills that will automatically activate in certain situations, but you have more control over them.
In each turn, every character will come to a set amount of action points.

In order to play this game, this game takes about 15 to 20 hours to finish, and runs about 20 or so stages.
Along the game, you will only ever have five units to move.

This game is made of nice music, and the graphics are top notch with its art style.
The stages could use more visual variety and the user interface is a bit obtuse.

In conclusion, this game is slow, dull, and toothless for most of its running time
And, the amount of content is a bit thin, as there are not t any truly interesting battle scenarios
Moreover, the AI is so inept as well

In addition, this game is pretty good to play as it really only merits attention if you have exhausted every other interesting choice.


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