Review of Rescue Heroes in Action

Few days ago, this game, RESCUE: Heroes in Action from rondomedia was still in the progress to the final touch for the premier launch on ios and android store

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But, now you can play this game on your phone
This game can be included in a real-time strategy game where you will control firefighters to put out fires, axe down doors, and rescue citizens as your top priority to accomplish.
Anyway, playing this game is still a fun and challenging experience.

Early on this game, you will merely choose scenarios within one of three environment types form Suburbs, Urban central, to Industrial district

In this game, you must use your skills to make sure you can manage your water tanks and move quickly enough to remove threats, put out fires, and save survivors in each stage.

Here, all you will do is to tap and drag paths for firefighters and firetrucks then you will merely follow along with tapping the appropriate command when a unit is near an interactive object.

Once completing every mission, you will be rewarded with money that you can use to upgrade firefighters and trucks to make them more durable and efficient in the next missions.

Besides, you must also upgrade the right things at the right time.
In line with this, you can replay missions to earn more money that you can use on some upgrades

At the initial level, you have the luxury to assess a scene while it is paused
Then, once you tap the start button there is no stopping to queue up actions or take a closer look at things there.
This circumstance will get you to feel a bit more realistic to be played on mobile.

However, the controls issue will sometimes a bit annoying as there is no pathfinding, so you can only draw paths for firefighters and trucks that you can actually follow.
For such reasons, if a tree in the way of a path being drawn, it will be blocked and you must either wiggle a path through the obstruction or redraw everything.

In addition, this game is still a solid game with a little bit of issue with the control options
And, if you like playing simple rts games, you may have to try to play it on your phone


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