Review of Redden A Kind of Story Game to Follow Through

Recently, the apple store has got a unique game, Redden from Joonyoung Kim which will tell you about the spoiled tools such as the arrow, kunai, and bullet from the ancient times to modern times to make insufficient characters a hero in the legend

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This game has brought some very interesting concepts and themes.
The game will start with a bunch of old items with the red markers signifying sentience start telling stories to a new item just been thrown away

Such items will give you three stories from their past.
Early on, you will get a Chinese prince and his trusty bow and arrow where he will to hunt various animals before later becoming about a revolution against a barbarous invading force

In this first story, you will merely control arrows fired from a bow.
Here, each projectile will have a special ability tied to its momentum meter.
And, you will gain momentum by soaring through the white winds, while black winds eat your momentum

At this point, if you have enough momentum, you will then touch the screen to activate the power
Any kill that you get while using said power instantly will refresh your momentum
Besides, you can actually send a single arrow through several animals or people.
Also, you will get some objects you can go through, such as branches or pots or lights
But, do not try to go through thick threes, rocks, walls and the like as they will stop you, and they will be enemy shields and weapons.

Then, you will be brought to follow the story of an incompetent ninja throwing kunai, and the momentum power of those kunai are Kage Bushin, or Shadow Clones
In line with this, you will spawn four kunai clones flying in front of your main kunai.

Here, you have to find the right way through the level to keep your momentum chain going.
Sometimes, you may get an enemy kept on deflecting your kunai
You can deal with by taking out a light source so they will not see your vector of attack

Later on, you will go along with the story of a kind of Vietnam War sniper trying to protect his squad mates before becoming a government assassin who will regret his actions.

In this story, you will guide the bullets with a super neat power which are faster and harder to control

In accordance with this, any time you need to clear the way or kill a group, you are able to spawn an explosion in front of you.
At this level, you can try to hold down the screen to slow things down and not spawn the explosion until you let go.

After you did what are assigned in this game, you will be scored at the end of a level based on how much blood you shed and stuff you destroy during in each story

According to this, if you can do well and land a headshot, you are granted with three stars.
Anyway, playing this game may come to beat the levels and get the experience of each story

Extremely, this game has given a super interesting game to follow through.
Graphically, this game is made in the cool art style
In related to the story, this comes along with odd mumbling muffled story dialogue in which it makes this game a kind of rare unique experiences that you will only find on mobile.


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