Review of Rebus Absurd Logic Puzzles

Jutiful has unique puzzle game that is packed in REBUS which contributes a series of picture puzzles where you need to work out the one word answers using visual clues, such a “M” on top of the word day that will become MonDAY.

rebus walkthrough ios android

To play this game, you will use of gesture controls, whether you zoom out to each collection or swipe between puzzles

But, the built-in keyboard is sometimes hard to operate.
And, the intuitiveness of the interface can be consistently unresponsive and sticky
It will not be ideal when you will often need to try out multiple answers in quick succession.
You can also use third-party keyboards, in that integrating the default iOS keyboard would be a vast improvement over the one provided.

As a puzzle game, it will give you 4 types of hints available, in which each of them costs the coins that you can get by solving puzzles or via in-app purchase
This hints will be handy as it is in form of image and a full reveal to unveiling one letter as a clue.
So you will have an inkling as you may have a brand or pop culture guessing game.

On the other side, this game is a curious collection of visual riddles that are simultaneously satisfying and infuriating.

Also, you can share the puzzle on Facebook, in which your friends may have a clue of what the puzzle really means.


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