Review of Rapture World Conquest by Tundra

Rapture World Conquest is a kind of strategy game where you can guide your armies to dominate the planet and squeeze 3000 years of civilization into a 5 minute blitz

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During the game, you will have 12 devastating miracles to rain from above Meteors, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Volcanoes and others
This game will feature 18 civilizations where you can take a control the largest number of regions and lead to victory and build new civilizations, globe shapes, skies and atmospheres to unlock
You will also be prompted to accomplish a bunch of achievements and missions

On the other side, this game condenses typical strategy game tropes into a twitchy five-minute whirlwind in which it is the big, streamlined, and wonderfully mobile-friendly hook.
Later on, the game will encourage you to fight and expand as quickly as possible.
At this point, you will be allowed to send your soldiers against barbarian hordes and rivals like a virus before they strike back.
You can also delay enemies with divine powers such as hurricanes and earthquakes for seconds that might as well be centuries.
But, you will not be given to fully control the world to win, and you do need to at least have the most land.

Meanwhile, this game trades the depth and nuance of slower strategy games for a frantic free-for-all of slamming armies of the sole unit type against each other.
In accordance with this, it is a lot easier to take big, bold, and risky decisive action when you stand to lose less time.

It is also made in quick and playful classical music with the tempo and light-hearted tone
Graphically, this game comes with the overall visual style, un-lockable elements like flat and square Earth maps which are ridiculous.

Unfortunately, it loses some of the finer details, but it also comes with the big picture on screen.
In conclusion, this game seems to be a great summary of a history textbook and if you are big fan of strategy game, you may want to try this game on your phone


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