Review of Rainbow Rumble Challenges You To Gain High Score

Epic Jump has introduced Rainbow Rumble that is a kind of a match-three puzzle adventure that is fulll of exciting features, perplexing puzzles, and game-changing power-ups

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Along the game you will also be served with some powerful special Stickies for dazzling effects to score huge points that you can use to beat your friends

In this game, you will shrink away and shuffle into a shadow to let the walrus pass through
Anyway, this game can be categorized into a match-three game with an emphasis on battles against foes.

You will then be assigned to complete some levels challenge in that you will gain a score that you can do by making matches of three or more cheery character icons like apples, four leaf clovers, raindrops, suns, and more, in which most pit you against the aforementioned monsters.

Throughout the game, you will have to match a specified number of icons to hurt them and send them packing.

However, this match three game will also give you a limited number of moves with which to meet your goal.
In line with this, you will be prompted to pay up for extra moves or slog through the same tedious level again, it still throws you against some pretty frustrating challenges.

Besides, you will also get to overcome the time-based levels that pressure you to meet a high score before clock runs out.

As making progresses some levels, you will deal with boss battles, and these encounters change up the battle formula a bit by assigning different damage values to certain icons.

Moreover, this game is an inoffensive and engaging match-three experience and playing this game will entertain you as you will see the rainbow icon wearing a top hat and sporting a fine mustache.

In addition, Rainbow Rumble is still wort to play with
This game also comes along with a cute, fun distraction, where you simply match a kind of funny character in the same colors.


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