Review of Raids of Glory as An Epic Action Strategy Game

Chillingo has delivered an epic action strategy game which is bundled in Raids of Glory where you will be brought to build your own Stronghold, as well as raising a terrifying gang of fearless buccaneers and wreaking havoc with your friends along the way

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In this game, you will be given an access to control of your pirate armies and their Leader then you will instruct them to destroy rival bases and take your place as the most glorious gang in the land.

Along the game, you will have a stronghold that is full of buccaneers keen to plunder everything in sight.
Here, you will have a base, then gradually place new units around it.
You should also build and upgrade your barracks in shooting ranges, then earn more gold and rum to purchase buildings, the latter new troops, then make defenses to protect your base.

To get better protection of your base, you can try to place towers to fend off enemies, but more solid defenses are quite minimal.
Once you gradually upgrade different things, you will open up the options.

Furthermore, you will have to explore the map and attack AI opponents or other players to level up your warriors.
By attacking AI foes, you will also get some gold coins and experience to level up your heroes.

On the other side, you will have a full access to control over your troops and place them down at the beach then you can move them anywhere you want.

Anyway, this is a vast improvement over titles that will leave you simply watching what unfolds, plus it offers some level of strategy.
To win each battle with your rivals, try to lure enemies away from stationery defenses, as this will give you a better chance of winning against them.
You should also improve even more things after you unlock the pirate Leader, in that it will offer individual skills of that pirate leader.

In accordance with this game, Raids of Glory is also reasonably generous with its premium currency called skulls that will help you in completing daily missions and achievements.

In conclusion, this game, Raids of Glory tries to offer something of its own, and it seems this game is far from original, but it is doing something well both the graphic and the game play.


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