Review of Race The Sun as An Arcade Game

In a glance, Race The Sun from Flippfly takes an idea of arcade games focusing on highscores, along with short game sessions, and a nerve-wracking tension that will make your game experience more fun

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In this game, you will play as a pilot of a hovercraft that will go across a landscape filled with geometrically-shaped obstacles, while weaving through them and their shadows, and trying to stay in the sunlight as much as possible.
Here, your hovercraft is made in solar-powered, where you must stay in in the sunlight to make it fly

Early on the game, you will learn the different obstacle types, which will help you learn what to anticipate when flying with your hovercraft

Every time, you can complete the game’s challenges, your stats will be enhanced and you can also get new abilities like the one to jump which will help you go through every run.

As a new arcade game, Race the Sun is filled with cubes, triangles, and other shapes, protruding from the gray landscape.

In related to the control options, this game has the touch-based controls, it is not motion-controlled.
In line with this, you can tilt your phone as you like
And, the controls are sensitive to where you touch around your hovercraft.

If you touch your ship closer, it will become gentler
Touching further away from your ship, and near the edges of the screen will make your hovercraft initiate sharper turns.

In addition, this game, Race the Sun can also be said as an little racing game that will take you to race against time
Still, Race the Sun is still fun to play on the go.


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