Review of Quetzalcoatl

Quetzalcoatl from 1Button Sarl has presented a fresh puzzle game in which it may be a beautifully designed puzzle game that is like serpent-like objects that must be manipulated to match colors.

quetzalcoatl walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will be served with a grid-like game board containing one or more black, serpentine objects on it.
Here, the snake may or may not have circles of different colors along its body
And, all you will do here is to drag them around so that the colored rings will get matched up with squares of the same color on the board.

This is like a simple thing with a simple method to do
Moving the snakes is purely linear and the snake can only follow either of its ends, so you must learn a path of movement resulting in the colored circles aligning in each increasingly difficult level.

The mechanic of this game seems to use a minimalist interface
As you can see, the controls are snappy and effortless
And, every level design in this game is increasingly more creative and mind-bending than the last ones.

If you get stuck on a particularly tricky level, you will go through certain worlds to be completely unlocked and you can try it out.

Throughout the game, you will go through 180 levels across 12 worlds.
Sometimes, it will be easy to jump in or out of, but it also offers a tough and satisfying challenge each time it is booted up.

To tease your brain to complete each puzzle, this game Quetzalcoatl is absolutely the best choice to play on your phone.


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