Review of QuestRun as An Old School RPG

Phoenix Online Studios has combined between a traditional RPG systems and a tapathon style game, which has been packed in QuestRun game is a fast-paced game that gets you to battle in a diverse collection of themed dungeons

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Here, you will equip, level up and push your chosen heroes as far as you can, while applying new strategies, trying new heroes, facing new perils and meet your next glorious demise

At the beginning of the game, you will be allowed to select a few heroes randomly among 15 different characters to take with you in the exploration of the colorful graphics of dark dungeons, icy mountains, fiery plains and more.
When selecting heroes, you can choose to reroll that costs in-game currency.

Along the game, you will work your way through a series of levels, and every level will give waves of enemies.
Later on, your team will automatically attack but you have a lot of power over them otherwise.

At initial level, you will merely move them around, as they can only attack something in front of them.
For further, you can strategically reposition them, and you can get your strongest unit in front of the enemy’s strongest unit.

You will see a bar to the side that offers up potions and equipment at random moments
Along with it, you can drag the item on top of a character to equip or use it.

Also, you can utilize special attacks, and level up your characters frequently, requiring you to choose a new bonus for them to gain.

However, this game is lack of smaller things, as one issue is that the text and buttons involved herein are pretty small, that will make it tricky to see clearly.

On the other side, more significant issue is that this game is fairly keen on crashing at the end of levels that will sometimes be frustrating at times.

In addition, playing this game often feels quite random when it comes to giving you good odds of success
And, you will find a fun idea here, but some tweaks will be needed to make it truly worth to play with.


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