Review of Qubies as A Match 3 Puzzle Game

Qubies A Match 3 Game Upside Down is similar to Tetris, where you will simply move and rotate the falling pieces to line up the colors and to match them for becoming top scorer.

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Seemingly, this game, Qubies is free and providing unlimited Classic modeā€”no ads or time-outs, just pure puzzle challenge.

The concept is simple as you will be brought to figure it out through sheer puzzle game instinct.
Rectangles fall from the sky made up of three colorful squares and you have to rotate the rectangle so it will fall into the well at just the right angle.

As more rectangles fall, you can align them until three squares of the same color match up, that will make them disappear.
And, the squares previously attached will fall and fill in the gaps
Sometimes, they will just hang in mid-air as obstacles to overcome.

However,this game still has some issues where you can see the big bright squares look nice on-screen and their size makes them easier to adjust via touch.

On the other side, you can feel the controls that is a little sluggish
And, the big blocks also make most games too short to be much fun.

Anyway, when playing this game into deeper, you will experience the game does that offer more interesting play modes such as Sprint and Rows.

Meanwhile, in related to the the soundtrack, you will start to notice a strange but pleasing hip-hop or electronica sound full of sampling and record scratches and mellow ambient tones.

In addition, this game is a totally square puzzle game, and not just because it has blocks
To feel this, you can play the game by matching more square like playing tetris few years ago when yo were a kid.


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