Review of PureSkate 2 Lets You Perform Unique Tricks for Cash

Orbi Labs will let show you some skateboarding tricks in PureSkate 2, where you will be as the pro skater, using your fingers and your device to jump to the air while showing off your own tricks with your skateboard.

pureskate 2 walkthrough ios android

So, just watch and feel as your skater will react to each and every push, ollie, bump, tilt, and grind you perform.
Some cool tricks such as free form flips and shuvs, grinds and slides, grabs, manuals, ollies, and nollies can be performed with the touch control system in this game

This game is a skateboarding jaunt, where it is all about finding locations, learning tricks, and scoring cash to purchase some cool stuff.

Along the game, you will also have an access to one unlockable Skate Park for in-game Bucks you earn by skating and accomplishing missions.

These unlockable stuff such as skate parks, decks, wheels, skaters, and skill points can be unlocked via in-game Bucks.
Also, you can earn an unlimited number of in-game Bucks by skating and completing missions, or you are able to accelerate your progress with In-App Purchases.

To play this game will use the two-finger control method in which it uses an adjusted first-person view, and the virtual X-Gamer
Anyway, as long as you keep two fingers on the virtual skateboard at the bottom, the skateboard can be controlled by leaning one’s fingers this way and that
Literally, the fingers will do the walking in an intuitive matter.

Through the basic control, you will move your skater, and you will start doing a host of tricks.
In line with this, a lot of these things are pretty intuitive.

In related to the control system, the control mechanism carries two-finger concept theory, but it is a bit awkward in practice with the default vertical alignment.
Sometimes, you would have liked contemplating slow-downs and such

For further, there will be some advanced elements that you can enjoy in the next updates
Hopefully, the developer works on some of the issues as the artwork is great
Moreover, the sound effects are effective as well.

Later on, you will get to explore and unlock new areas as well as taking on challenges.
Dealing with the challenges will be fun, and tie in to the overall achievement tracking.

Furthermore, you will have to complete specific missions in which this will allow you to collect game cash bonuses and some items.
In accordance with this, the developer seems to give it an arcade touch
You will also be prompted to upgrade skateboarders, attributes, and gear with your cash you have collected throughout the game.

With all of that stated lines, this game seems to add a lot of updates like Custom Decks and Boards in that this game will worth to play with.


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