Review of Pumped BMX 2 by Yeah Us

Pumped BMX 2 will get you to ride your BMX bike through short courses, as well as trying to clear stage challenges and getting to the end without wiping out.

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In this game, there are 50 levels, and 500 challenges to clear.
Later on, each stage in this game has its challenges grouped into difficulty tiers and you can also unlock the next one by clearing all of the challenges in the current difficulty tier.
The stages in this game are categorized into different worlds, and you have to clear a certain number of challenges in total to open up each of them.

Here, you can actually clear all four challenges in each difficulty bracket with a single play of the stage so that you are able to push yourself a little bit more on each run that will come to victories.

Along the game, you will have one for clearing the stage, another for setting a certain score, one more for showing a particular trick, and one for getting a high-scoring trick of any type.

In line with this, every step up in difficulty only increases the numbers and complexity of the tricks.
And the highest difficulty challenges can be maddeningly difficult at times, but you can go through the game even if you can not hit all of them.

This game features a spin button and second-tier tricks in which the spin button can be combined with any other trick to boost its score
And, if you throw a flip in there, you will be raking it in.

Second-tier tricks can be toggled via a button above the trick-stick, as well as changing your tricks to more difficult that will come to higher-scoring ones.

You can also try moving spins to their own button that will open up more room for tricks
As a result, you can now perform up to 16 different tricks in combination with spins and flips.

On the other side, you are able to do manuals and grinds on certain surfaces.
In the mean time, you can also manage tilt controls for flips and landings, but it gives you a great deal more freedom than the first game to customize your runs.

In this game, your character will propel himself forward a little bit at the beginning of the stage, but you can also push the pump button while going down hills or at the right time while descending.

If you tilt left or right, you will control your character’s angle.
You can do many tricks with a combination of the spin button, which is located above the pump button, and the trick stick, an eight-way virtual stick on the left side of the screen.

Anyways, flicking in any direction will result in a different trick
Then, if you hold it in a particular direction, you will do a more extreme version of that trick.
And, above the trick stick is a button that will allow you to switch between trick tiers.

Meanwhile, the music is along the same lines as the first game
And, The Game Center support is great, with leaderboards for each stage.
In addition, if you can enjoy the first game, you can be guaranteed to pick this one up.


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