Review of Prune as A Puzzle Game to Grow Trees

Prune from Joel McDonald is a minimal puzzle game where you will simply prune trees.
In other words, this game will get you to trim branches off of a tree so that it will grow in a very specific way.

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To play this game is with a swipe of your finger to grow and shape your tree into the sunlight then bring life to a forgotten landscape, while revealing a story hidden deep beneath the soil.
In the mean time, you will have to avoid avoiding the dangers of a hostile world.

Early on the game, you will encounter the same basic setup for each individual stage across any of Prune’s five chapters

At this point, you must grow a tree in a certain way to get enough flowers to blossom and move on to the next.

You will be in the situation where the constant slashing of branches becomes necessary to avoid obstacles such as buzzsaws and more ominous red orbs that is a sort of poison for trees.

Graphically, this game has been made with an extremely limited color palette, dealing mostly in silhouetted figures and the aforementioned red poison.

Moreover, these color choices, paired with the game’s overall presentation has served a phenomenal job of creating a kind of narrative without having to resort to using words in any way.

Sometimes, the way that the tree grows will not exactly uniform, which you will get to retry several trees before getting a configuration workable to complete a stage.

Playing in Prune will provide a unique experience that is absolutely worth checking out
Though, it will be hard to complete a stage, this game visually explores and unfolds amazing narrative. So, if you like playing puzzle game, you will have to install it on your phone and play it on the go


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