Review of Proun+ by Engine Software

Engine Software launched Proun+ on ios few days ago
It is an on-rails racing game seems that seems to be addressed for the hardened gamer.

proun + basic tuts ios android

Anyways, if you are newbie, you will be try harder to accomplish each track to another
And, you need fast reactions to be any good at it.
This game was previously lunched as a successful indie game on the PC, as it got your attention and patience to play with.

Throughout the game, you guide a ball traveling at speed along a pipe during each race.
Your man goal is pretty simple as all you will have to do is to beat your competitors to the finish line Early on, you will just be pleased to maintain momentum and dodge most of the obstacles up ahead.

Traveling forwards is automatic, in that you will be equipped with a boost and brake button that will help you to go faster.
Meanwhile, you will also need to duck left and right to dodge what is coming up.
But if you are stuck behind a post and you immediately lose a lot of speed.

Tracks herein are designed with a sense of speed in mind, that will also come along with various tunnel style effects arising at regular opportunities.
At this point, you can try to turn the difficulty level down by playing the ‘relaxed’ set of levels, as they are too slow for anything more than coming to grips with the controls, and you will be good at persevering at harder tracks.

In related to the control options, you will be given to use a choice of touch or tilt-based controls that work the best here.
Using touch controls are not quite fast enough to pull off the quick turns, while tilting your phone device gives you a lot more power over where the ball goes.

On the other side, it will be nice to change of pace from typical racing games and its controls lend themselves well to the potential of mobile gaming.


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