Review of Princess And Knight as SRPGs

Princess And Knight is a new strategy RPG with a remarkably solid effort from what appears to be an indie developer.

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In line with this, the game design is unabashedly vintage, in which it is like SRPGs from the 16-bit console era and earlier
And, your goal in this game is to see the princess away safely
In your way to complete the goal, you will be able to use a wide assortment of characters

Every stage in this game sets you on a different map filled with an assortment of enemies
Meanwhile, your goal is typically to take out all of the enemies without losing key party members or being wiped out.

Along the game, you will take turns moving each of your units, then your opponents do the same.
Here, every unit will come to their own stats and access to different special abilities that they can use at a cost of MP or energy.

And you may find the knight to be one of the guys you want to keep in front
Then, characters will drift in and out for the first few missions, and beating enemies earns experience and cash, and leveling up unlocks new special abilities along with beefing up your stats.
Each mission here is designed well and the battle system is quite simple

Also, you will be given with some buttons that you can use to attack, move, and use special attacks
In the mean time, you can also shortcut around a lot of that by double-tapping.
An example, you will be able to tap your unit once to see their movement range, tap the square you want them to move to, tap it again to lock them in place, tap the enemy beside them to target it, then tap it again to deliver your attack.
From all above, it can be said that this game is a very solid, straightforward entry into the sub-genre.


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