Review of Primitive as Infinite Runner Game

Primitive is a kind of an infinite runner game, where this game does a decent job riding that line and serving its gameplay needs

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In this game, you will control a square hopping over spikes, that you have to put the focus squarely on tight reflexes.

Later on, you will simply swipe to launch your square onto surfaces away from death, but, instead of being confined to one level, you are able to hop between two each with its own ceiling and floor.

Here, you will struggle to pass through the edge of one level that will get you to go to the next stage.
At this point, you will have four different paths to choose from at any given time.
Sometimes, you will be thinking to just stay on one plain alternating between top and bottom.
But, spikes will come so fast that make you have no other option than to escape completely or pray a power-up nearby coming to you.

Graphically, the gameplay has a raw, unpretentious, functional quality, and that shines in the minimalist visuals.
Every level here has its own pastel color, with the black square contrasting nicely within.
You may be difficult to see the spikes of one level from the gaps left behind by the spikes of another
However, the seamless blending is a cool aesthetic.

Once you have made a progress, the next stages will change and take on new, darker palettes.
Also, they change positions, that will get you to flip from left to right as the square travels down instead of moving up and down while side-scrolling.

Occasionally, some of the occasional unresponsiveness of the touch controls will arise, but this game is still looking dynamic without betraying its virtue of simplicity.

In addition, that simplicity along with the ubiquity of the genre itself has made this game from being particularly noteworthy or much more than exceedingly competent.
This game is really good to play that will attract you to reach top score and top stage.


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