Review of Pocket Ages Where You Can Trade Wares for Cash and Coins

Pocket Ages developed by 505 Games has presented a beautifully town-building and trading game
And, this game starts in the stone-age, where you will have to collect resources, grow your village, unlock more crafting skills and trade your wares for money cash and coins

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Early on this game, it is all about placing fires and discovering new pieces of knowledge, with your progression reflecting how you have evolved as humans.

Along the game, you will be assigned to accomplish some missions that will guide you through the paces to step for getting anywhere.

In the way of completing every mission, you will sometimes need to go back a few steps and complete earlier tasks that will give you a vision to complete the goal.

Oftentimes, you may think that you need to accomplish so much in order to evolve, but it will not make for a fun experience.

In a glance, it feels like you are negotiating your way through menu after menu, while scraping up resources to make a further small step forward.
And, you will not find the combat here either.

Graphically, this game has come along with some cute visuals, but it is also a little fiddly though.
Sometimes, when trying to pick up resources is often awkward, that will make you mistap and grab the wrong thing.

In addition, since this game is the simulation of the first life of humans, you can try playing it to feel by yourself and imagine to live in the stone age.


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