Review of Platform Panic as Distinctive Retro Game

Nitrome has offered low resolutions of pixel art game which is bundled in Platform Panic made specifically for ios and android platforms

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This game is a kind of an interesting game as it comes along with duality regarding retro-style and distinctive pixel art games with a modern structure.

Playing this game is all about surviving through spike and enemy-filled levels coming one after another.
You will encounter some levels in a number of fixed designs, along with different coin placements.
Every time, you can get through to the exit of each one you will get point.

Except point, you will also be able to gather up some coins
When trying to accomplish each level, you will sometimes meet multiple exits, with one goal, and an array of spikes, bullets, and enemies standing in the way.

Furthermore, some levels will occasionally present active threats, but you will possible be able to go through it.

In related to the controls options, this game comes along with quite fantastic controls, as you will simply swipe to jump and turn are incredibly responsive.

However, you will sometimes see something odds like the blue levels are not the most visually-appealing thing, but they do a great job at approximating the days when color palettes are limited on systems.
It can also be said that the color scheme here is quite distinctive.

Throughout the game, you can unlock all the characters with the coins that you have earned in-game.
Coins in this game are usually pretty tricky to get, as you have to stay alive and get coins in each level.
You can also use your coins to continue when dying as well.
Thus, there is the balancing act of saving coins for continues or for unlocks of all the characters.

On the other side, the cost in coins to continue a run starts at a modest 15 coins
And, it doubles after each one, and you must start the room from the beginning

Anyway, for those who are fond of pixel art and retro-style games, you should try Platform Panic.
Once again, this game seems to bring something which is being a smaller, casual arcade game, and the pixel art aesthetic
Meanwhile, this game also does a good job at being something fun to keep playing, while also trying to collect coins and put your score on leaderboards.


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