Review of Planet Hop by Retro Dreamer

Planet Hop will come to ios that will challenge you to hop from planet to planet as well as gaining the highest score

planet hop walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will have to try to see how many times you can bounce a small orb between two larger orbs.
At the beginning of every round, you will get a little brown circle rests on a bigger yellow circle while another big yellow circle orbits them both.
At this point, all you will have to is to tap the screen to launch the brown circle
Usually, its straight trajectory will collide with the orbiting yellow circle.
In line with this, the camera will track the spinning yellow circle in that you must launch off of it back to where you start from.

Basically, this game is so straightforward that comes to the speed, difficulty, and pounding club music so that the game will be a crazy, exciting, but not necessarily intelligence.

Anyway, if the brown circle lands on the yellow one, the position it lands will actually shift the orbital path.
This makes this game looks fresh and dynamic with that kind of visual variety and three basic 3D spheres and a blank background.
Playing this game is so hyper-focused on its hook with pleasant color choices

In conclusion, the presentation of this game is nonexistent where you can approach it as the semi-experiment in twitch minimalism
Here, you will be assigned to get score as high as possible.


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