Review of Pixel Boat Rush by Xperimentalz Games

Racing game is one of the genres that get the most attention from gamers
Here, xperimentalz games has launched their newest game entitled Pixel Boat Rush

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In this game, you will be opted for a strict, flat side-view to the action with no depth, no passing, no hairpin turns, no drafting, and collisions become hard to sort out.

This game is telling you about racing game with an 8-bit visual style and a side-view of the action, with the waves looking more like rolling hills than water.

At the beginning of the game, you will find the basic structure of the game in which you must clear small tutorial-like missions to earn a license, then you can access to a particular league and the group of boats that go with it.

At this point, the amount of events varies between leagues, but there are more than 50 events set across the game’s 16 tracks along the game.
To play this game, you will have to learn new tricks to advance, and run time trials to get extra practice, or jump into the game’s arcade mode where you can set up custom races.
Also, you will be able to get lots of stuff to clear and unlock.

In related to the basic controls, all you will have to do is to tap and hold the button according to the terrain rolling out in front of you, but the way it works in practice is very different.

Holding the accelerate button will catch huge air off of waves, but it is usually not good for your speed.
According to this, you have to briefly release the button as you are going up a wave, which sticks you to it and allows you to manage your speed.

Along the way, you will be able to take to the air to avoid obstacles or collect items
In the mean time, you are able to accelerate your drop by releasing the button.
You will also be able to access weapons and defense items, and those come with their own buttons.

During each race, you must keep an eye on your opponents, in which you can actually pass through each other quite harmlessly.
At the same time, make sure to keep an eye on your armor as well.
Playing in the AI will be strong but beatable, and even if you lose, you will still earn something that will help you come back a little stronger.

Completing each race will earn you both coins and wrenches so that you can buy new vehicles and upgrade existing ones with those currencies.
You can get coins in at a pretty slow rate relative to the cost of new boats
And, wrenches come along pretty steadily no matter your fortunes.
For such reasons, make sure to always upgrade your boat if you are having trouble cracking an event

Later on, you will be able to unlock a bunch of boats and purchase some items each with different parameters, weapons, and potential upgrades.

Anyway, retro-style graphics along with stunning color choices will make certain tracks look gorgeous. And, the music is a great grab-bag of chiptunes that covers several different styles.
Ont the other side, this game also features excellent Game Center support, with tons of leaderboards and a big list of achievements as well.
MFi controllers are also applied as supports as well.
In conclusion, this game is worth to play for anyone who enjoys side-scrolling arcade games.


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