Review of Piloteer as A Challenging Flight Game

Piloteer from Fixpoint Productions is a kind of a challenging physics based game about learning to fly to the skies with flying a jetpack.

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In other words, this game is a combination of elements between physics and trick based games
In this game, you will need to maneuver your state of the art jetpack through the skies while completing some difficult missions to change public perceptions.

You will get yourself in a wholly integrated physics simulation, where the beautiful world around you will come to dynamic, unpredictable, and alive.

Along the game, you will control a nameless inventor who has just made the world’s first jetpack.
To play this game, you will simply tap and hold the left side of the screen to activate the bottom and rear thrusters on the jetpack
In the mean time, you can tap and hold the right to activate the one on the front.

In the process, what you are doing with your tap will make you go from point A to point B a fair bit
But, you will get from each side is not entirely balanced.
In line with this, flying around will be very, but it is very awkward in the process.

On the other side, this game will come along with various challenges in a level to complete.
Completing every challenge will allow you to unlock a new area to fly for the next challenges.

You can also play in a free flying mode where you can wobble your way through an area without any pressure, but it will be unnecessary since you can do the same thing in the campaign

It can be said that this game, Piloteer is a very difficult game, though.
As its looking, you will simply fly a few feet and land on a bench in that you can feel like a monumental task when you are still getting used to the controls.

When controlling your jetpack, you may sometimes find yourself to hold a button down for too long or not long enough.
Besides, you may not press it at the right time.

If you have played banana flight simulator game or any game in similar, Piloteer may be one of them
It is weird, tough as nails, and captivating all at once that you can feel in each stage.

Anyway, if you like playing the challenging game, this game, Piloteer may be a good reference to play on your phone


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