Review of Pie In The Sky A Pizza Odyssey

Salty Croc Interactive will take you to have a journey as a pizza boy who can build a pizza empire by collecting over 75 outlandish pizza toppings, from Action Figures to Zen Gardens

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As a pizza boy, you will delivery pizza for the hungry consumers across cities
To do your job, you will have to dodge various obstacles such as other spaceships, asteroids, and even the odd monster with shields, weapon systems, and raw science

Here, you will only use tilt controls that seem to work pretty well.
Anyway, this method seems not to be overly sensitive whereby you will still feel in control at all times, while also being able to pull off a quick maneuver as and when is needed.

On the other side, this game has added to the formula through its upgrade system and pizza topping options.
At this point, you can purchase a new ship or upgrade parts of the existing one, while boosting your fuel and power, as well as your pizza throwing abilities.

In the mean time, you can also launch numerous pizzas at once which makes tackling certain objectives a little bit easier.

It’s the topping system that feels most ingenious though, enabling you to create your own pizza, as well as glean some benefits from them, such as enjoying a percentage bonus to your tips. Also, it’s pretty fun to make some rather disgusting creations.

However, this game does not have specific objectives or missions to complete, where all you will do is to collect cash from your customers with each pizza you have delivered to them
In addition, playing this game will be fun anyhow.


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