Review of Peggle Blast by Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts aka EA is the popular game developer that has born some famous games for pc consoles and mobile platforms

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To increase its existence in game industry, EA has recently launched their newest game, which is named Peggle Blast in which this game is satisfying for the most part.

Along the game, you will simply drag your finger around the screen to manipulate where the ball goes, in that you can also try holding it down to magnify the area.

In this game, you will go through some levels that offer slightly different objectives, such as one set that involves you to take out eggs rather than focusing on the orange tiles.
Here, you will also deal with boss battles too, which mix things up well enough.

Later on, you will have to accomplish a certain number of levels and you must also recruit friends to speed up the process of unlocking more
To make quick unlocking process, you can skip ahead for a price.

This game will require lives as your primary thing to do every action
And, once running out of lives, you must wait it out for a refresh or pay extra.
Or, you are able to pay extra for more balls and other power-ups as well.
On the other side, you can also select to avoid much of this.

However, this game sometimes makes you feel desperate for a new Peggle fix, but you will more comfortable to rack up your high scores in earlier versions.
In addition, you will always invite and ask for help from your Facebook friends.


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