Review of PBR Raging Bulls by Red Interactive Agency

If you see rodeo, you may think holding onto a wild animal and control it as long as you can
PBR: Raging Bulls produced by red interactive agency will show you the cowboy veneer is a deceptively smart, surprisingly fun test of reflexes.

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Anyway, this game is genius stems from one clever design idea in which it is about bull riding instead of boxing
Here you will get to ride the rankest bulls for three whole rounds.
Occasionally, the bull will try to buck them off so you will simply hold on by tapping a button.

On the other side, holding on indefinitely will require stamina, which you can regenerate it by spurring the bull in-between bucks.
At this point, you have to discover the unique patterns and tricks of every bull and hold on at just the right moments.
To do this, try to learn and listen to the rhythms of the bull.

Meanwhile, playing this game is a strategic struggle of wits, and it is as fun, tense, and thrilling as actual bull riding only without the incredible danger.

Later on, you will be able to upgrade your stamina and hand strength with new cowboy hats and boots that you can do by using their fabulous cash prizes.

Again, this game is a simple with great mechanic that works especially well due to the game’s light-hearted, expressive, rough-and-tumble-cartoon-dive-bar art style.
Every bull int his game is gigantic and full of personality whether it is the demonic Bullzebub or the chivalrous Sir Smackdown.

In order to recognize quick crucial patterns, like glowing eyes or legs ready to leap, by making them super obvious, you will be served with the detailed ragdoll animations.

Throughout the game, you will show your action in some new arenas with new bull challengers to take on, and although it gets tough fast, you have a fair amount of chances under the freemium timer.
In conclusion, this game is serving an arcade bull riding game that is worth to play.


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