Review of Patchmania A Puzzle About Bunny Revenge

Little Details has a funny game wrapped in Patchmania where you must guide a brave little bunny called Calvin, and his adorable furry friends, to take revenge on Pitchfork Farms as Farmer Lester has destroyed their territory

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Patchmania is a kind of a delightful new puzzle game offering 600 original puzzles to solve
Here, you will simply draw paths with your finger through his carefully planted vegetable patches and you must keep those bunnies chomping away and eat all of Lester’s vegetables for high score

The story goes when a forest-dwelling nest of rabbits find themselves forcibly displaced by a newly constructed farm.
Because of this, the rabbits will get back at Farmer Lester by helping themselves to his abundance of crops.

When playing this game, every stage will pit one or more bunny heroes against a grid of crops and a rabbit holes.

Along the game, the rabbits will have to eat every crop on the screen before escaping down a hole.
Then, once a rabbit enters a section of crops, he must remain on those crops until entering a hole.

Doing all of this will need drawing a single line from the rabbit through every crop to the exit.
During the play, every time your bunnies miss crops, it will result in fewer stars.

In this game, every rabbit has a crop preference such as Calvin that will only eat carrots.
The hefty Totoro-colored Otto will only eat cabbage.
Baby bunny Peanut likes squash.

When guiding them, you will have to move them in a specific order to free them from surrounding vegetables.
As an illustration, if Calvin gets stuck in a sea of cabbage, Otto must eat around him before Calvin can move.

This game will be more fun when there are other obstacles throwing in as the levels progress.
Here, some mushrooms can be eaten by your bunnies but they are often in out-of-the way locations.
Sometimes, you will see portals appearing alongside the rabbit holes in that it will allow your bunnies to jump across the screen, that will increase the complexity of the paths that you can take.

On the other side, you will also have to complete some levels that needs twisty, and winding routes will be needed to reach every crop.
Alongside, there is a surprising amount of challenge in the hundreds of levels that are included in the base game.

Moreover, you will also see funny moment here where Calvin sometimes juggles while you are planning a move
And, Otto occasionally passes gas that will make Peanut giggle
Then, they can shake their heads and mumble “nuh-uh” if you try to direct them in the wrong way.

Anyway, watching the rabbits has given a pleasure in which you will also be challenged to solve the puzzles, which creates a constantly rewarding environment.

In addition, this game has given a great graphics and it will serve you some adorable and funny animals, which have funny mimics and behaviors.
Thus, if you want to play the funny game with thrilling puzzle inside, you can download Snow Roll on your device for free.


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