Review of Partia 2 The Pretenders War Coming with Improved AI

This game, Partia 2 is the sequel of the Sword Of Flame to Partia’s Binding Blade.
The story continues to a full set of new missions that makes few major changes in gameplay.

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This new gameplay version in this game is the implementation of an optional active turn system, adapted from Berwick Saga.

At first, you will see the traditional system where each side moves all your units before the other side takes a turn
Here, you will be able to play a more chess-like system where each side takes turns moving one unit.
At this point, after moving a unit, you can not move them again until you have moved all of your other units.

In this new game, AI mode is improved, where its scenario and map designs are put into the game’s 22 stages than is apparent in the original.
Enemy unit placements and clever obstacles frequently make up for the AI’s inadequacy, in which it will give you a little bit of bite that keeps the game from becoming too dull.

Between stages, you can visit shops to purchase equipment and items, an inn to heal up any injured members or hire on new ones, and a pub where you can hear the latest scuttlebutt or opt to participate in an arena battle for extra cash and experience.

On the other side, you are able to shuffle around any items or gear your characters which are carrying.
Make sure to keep spare weapons, as one of the ways this game differs from Fire Emblem in how often attacks miss, leading to swinging your weapon’s durability away far more than you intend to.

Similar to its predecessor, this game has enemies moving slowly, even on the fastest setting in the options.
However, this game still is not teaching you well how to play it, so if you are not already familiar with the genre, you will be very confused to play this game in the first time.
Meanwhile, the story is for complex international politics but is told through broken English, which is not an ideal mix.
Moreover, this still uses the same font, patterned after the Game Boy Advance default English font, whereby it will not be compatible with modern smartphone screens.

Later on, you will find the music that fits in theme but in practice the pieces are generally too short to fit the lengthy battles, which comes to repetition that may grind on your ears.
This game has no support for larger screen sizes, even you can play in portrait or landscape modes
And, you are able to select between bad controls or big, empty borders.

Throughout the game, you will be guided to go through 22 more missions and some story resolution with a perfectly good taste of what to expect from its sequel.


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