Review of Paper Dungeons as Fantasy Board Game

Paper Dungeons developed by Valverde Stephane can be categorized into is a fantasy board-game in which this game is also boosted by online content where you can make and share online your own levels

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The game has delivered a classic tabletop board-game with dice and tokens where you can destroy walls and auto-heal because you uncover new dungeon tiles, that widens your choice of moves.

In this game, you can be your own adventurer and dungeon master, in which you are able to make scenarios in a paper-like, grid-based system then share them online or try your hand at adventuring through other players’ creations.

During the game, you will meet the mindset of old-school pen and paper RPGs by presenting dungeons in either a paper or game board view including heroes, enemies, and items as little paper cutouts to move through a dungeon.

On the other side, when you get into battles with enemies, the game will show you the dice rolls that will be happening to determine the outcomes of each round of combat herein.

In this game, the experience that heroes will earn will not carry between levels.
Besides, every dungeon level will be like a roguelike where you can upgrade skills in a particular dungeon

Also, you can start over from level one if you die or enter a new campaign or dungeon in this game.
You can also see a save system, where you are only limited to a handful of saves in any particular dungeon, which also heightens the game’s tension.

In line with this, this game boasts some pre-made campaigns and a board game mode that you can work your way through in addition to user generated online content.

You will see that the dungeon creation system is remarkably deep
This will allow you to tweak a boatload of options to make dungeons that are will be very much your own.

On the other side, this game also features multiple character classes, dice sets, and a robust item system, which will make it pleasantly complex for hardcore rpg players.

However, you will be served with overloaded menus and they are not particularly responsive ones at that.
You will also meet item management, adjusting settings, and even selecting levels that will likely be clunky and hard to use especially for an iPad.

Entirely, Paper Dungeons is still worth enough to play with
Along with this, this game has a nice set of tools where you can make RPG dungeons and scenarios.
So, it will be better if you are checking out to taste some features inside.


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