Review of Papa`s Pizzeria To Go! by Flipline Studios

Flipline Studios has brought time management game wrapped in Papa’s Pizzeria To Go!, which allows you to run a pizzeria and you should keep your customers happy.

papa`s pizzeria to go walkthrough ios android

This game consists of various steps in the pizza making process.
At first, you take the order from a customer in which this order is not just a matter of margarita please
Here, you can put pepperoni on one half while peppers on the pizza.
But, sometimes your customers want something absurd like 6 pieces of sausage on one quarter.
In line with this, it will teach you how the pizza is baked and cut too, with the latter often being affected by how you have placed the toppings.

Later on, placing the toppings will be important of tapping in the relevant places, while baking involves waiting for the cooking time to reach a certain point before swiping the pizza onto the cutting screen.
Cutting will get you to draw a line to determine where the pizza is cut.

On the other side, multitasking is important here as throughout that process other orders are coming in.
You will next get the hang of things though, which will be great as you will be rated according to speed, efficiency, and accuracy.
Such ratings determine the tips you receive, that you can use to buy new upgrades to improve the process.

In conclusion, this game is good natured fun in that every level is just the right length for mobile screen.
But, there are in-app purchases if you really want to go into that
And, you can simply enjoy the experience without having to worry about it.


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