Review of Pangoland An App with Imagination

If you often follow the newest debut from Studio Pango, you will now be introduced with Pangoland as the newcomer on the apple store

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This PangoLand has a great job of developing the familiar characters of Pango, that is the friendly blue raccoon, Piggy, Bunny, Squirrel and Fox where you will be taken to travel to each of their homes in the sprawling landscape.

You will also meet Pango at his house where you can also explore many tappable elements such as opening and closing windows and drawers, playing with trying on funny hats, tasting foods and playing with toys
Also, you can catch up on a few household chores.

In line with this, PangoLand is a kind of an open-ended experience where you will have a chance to interact with different objects every time they play.

Here, you can enjoy a moment such as cleaning up after Piggy whose house is messy, then your children will asked to pick up and toss trash, as well as visiting Fox’s science-themed house that includes the building of a robot and even digging for a few different dinosaur fossils near Squirrel’s place

Then, you will be prompted to repair a car which needs work which characters can drive – a few of the hidden mini-games included.

This game is all about activities, each of which makes for cute storylines children can come up with on their own.

And, when scrolling the landscape left and right as well as moving Pango and the gang each independently of the space they are in, the experience can be a little choppy
And, it will be easy to over-scroll just past the area one wants to visit in that this seems to be issue arising during the first testing of this app.

Beyond this, this app is bright and colorful, with many details to explore in ways that allow your kids to be creative participants.

In addition, this app looks cluttered in the most charming way possible that your kids will not be able to resist.
Besides, a cute character in a vague vintage charm will be reminiscent of the beloved anthropomorphic characters Miffy and Hello Kitty.
Hopefully, Studio Pangowill keep developing new Pango apps in for the next time.


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