Review of Pango Disguises

This app from Pango Studio has charming dress-up themes as the main character to discover the brand new adventure of a friendly raccoon named Pango and his animal friends

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The characters in this app wear many costumes and pretend to be different characters, including a superhero, pirate, knight, dinosaur, or ghost.
So just discover fascinating adventures to be a super hero, as well as searching for a fabulous treasure, and traveling back to the time of Pangosaurs

In this game, you will get a Halloween scene with classic characters such as a witch or vampire, played by these friendly critter characters.

You will also be entertained with Pango and gang throughout these app dressed up in different garb – charming and sometimes witty moments that include details such as Pango having to remove a sword from a stone to complete his knight costume that will make adults smile as well as possibly stimulate children’s creativity.

Playing this app will get you to interact with Pango, consisting of action words that children will also learn the meaning of such as to “Spin,” “Fly,” “Find,” or “Throw,” in which playing this app will be useful for those who are learning English as a second language as well as for those who could use some practice with their listening skills.
You will also find a bonus area including a chance for children to draw characters and other details found within this app.

Here, all the animals in this app is dressing up in ways and you will like how these characters seem to really enjoy being a part of this app in ways that make Pango Disguises quite engaging and special.

In addition, you will see a these characters imagined to be prehistoric creatures.
Anyway those who at Studio Pango have made Pango Disguises and other apps such as Pango Imaginary Car, Pango Playground, Pango Hide and Seek, or Pango Christmas Book 5 will be worth to check out.


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