Review of Pair Solitaire by Gamer Delights

Pair Solitaire will get you to enjoy your leisure with the simple joys of solitaire, while challenging your strategy skills at the same time and exploring a deep strategy to solve the puzzle.

pair solitaire basic tutorial ios android

On the other words, this game will also provide you the joy of pair matching on mobile.
At this point, each game provides a line of cards in a row, and you have to find the pairs, where you will have to pair up all the cards and clear the screen.

Here, the matching pairs consist of one card between them in order to clear one.
Then, they can match in terms of suit or number, but there can only ever be one card between them for it to work.
In line with this, you must think multiple moves ahead of yourself.

Playing this game is quite tricky, and it is incredibly simple to play, in that you have to keep trying to clear all those cards.
Also, it goes one step further too, that offer you a scoring system based on which cards you clear, but you do not really have to focus on it unless you intend to.

To install and play this game is entirely free, but you need to pay extra $0.99 to access a daily challenge mode, which is a pretty enticing proposition.

In addition, this game is the simplest of games that draw you in the most pair match very much.
For further, you will find it one of your most commonly played games on your phone, because you inch your way towards finally clearing all those cards and trying to reach better high score.


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