Review of Orcs as A Clicker Game with Quest Strategy

Indeed, David Zobrist has brought Orcs into the apple store in which this game is a cookie-clicker game where you will have to lead Orcs to conquer this dangerous new territory for fortune and glory

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On the other words, this game is based on the loved cookie clicker concept and extends it with fortress building and quests.

Early on this game, Orcs starts the journey when a ship full of the green-skinned dudes wrecks on the shore of a strange new world.
Then, an orc needs to build a new empire with a bunch of timber so that that orc will build a new stronghold and invade neighboring kingdoms

To play this game, you simply tap the screen over and over again, then the 8-bit orc at the front and center of the action will swing his axe at a tree.
If you tap that orc faster, it will also swing faster so that you will get more wood.

While gatherin more wood, you can hire more orcs to help you out
It will lead you to add your wood pile whereby if you have more orcs at work, you will easily collect more wood every second
Then, you can upgrade your axe to yield more wood with each swing.

On the other side, working quickly will earn you point multipliers, so going for frantic tapping will yield some serious accumulations.

You will also have to accomplish some quests, which are a unique feature to have in a clicker game.
Your wood totals can go towards training and funding orc warriors that harass human villages and collect a bunch of wood bonuses.

Anyway, what make this game fun is the orcs, as the fantasy world’s bandits and mercenaries where you simply tap that orc in many time to collect some resources.


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