Review of ORBB by MorchiBits

Mochibits has recently come to ios with their newest game which is named ORBB.
In this game, you will have a main job that is to launch an orb between spinning planets to collect light sources.

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Seemingly, this game is not an entirely new concept, in which ORBB‘s gameplay and sense of challenge will be stripped-down that it feels rather directionless.

At the beginning of the level, you will simply tap the screen to launch your orb along a specific trajectory.
When doing this, you will wait for the rotating planet they are on to line-up with the right spot before tapping.
Here, the ultimate object of each level is to collect all light sources as fast as you can.

Later on, you are able to take as much time as you want per level.
In line with this, you can tap over and over again with no real penalties as the game has no death and no time limit and this is completely accurate.
On the other side, leaving out these additional challenges will make the game feel pretty devoid of depth.
The only time that any part of ORBB ever feels satisfying is through
Anyway, when you have completed a level perfectly, you will be satisfied though.

Moreover, this game does have a nice look and it uses simple light contrasts to make everything on screen stand out
Alongside, this game is coming with a smoothness to display.
It is made in a clever idea as you can see how the orb can continue past the edge of the screen only to appear on the other side, moving along the same trajectory named Pac-Man tunnels.

In conclusion, you will be served with a level progression such as like different planet rotation speeds and worm holes
At this point, you will get this game as simplicity that keeps it from feeling like a good value.

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