Review of One Tap Desert Hero as An Arcade Style Game

One Tap Desert Hero is an arcade-style or it can be said as a role-playing adventure game, where you will play as a hero with one tap

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On the other words, every tap will determine the trajectory of the hero’s move across the desert.
When moving in the desert and encounter villains, the hero attacks them then your hero will also get involved in the boss battle.
Anyway, if enemy is too strong for the hero, you can then restart at the beginning of your desert journey and try to accomplish the quest once more.

To successfully complete a level in this game, you have to strategically place your hero on a path fraught with many weak creatures so that you can win enough battles to level-up and take on the stronger monsters toward the end of the desert.

Also, you will unlock and use power-ups randomly distributed across the desert, in which you can even use one of them to teleport the hero or launch a volley of arrows in four different directions.

When going to the end of the desert, you will deal with a boss that you can only beat if you have earned more levels than the boss in high health points.
If you can defeat that boss, you will be rewarded with points then continue to the next levels.

Meanwhile, the desert stage will be always the same in appearance with some different enemy and power-up placements
And, there is no new power-ups or obstacles really present by themselves.

Once making progresses through few levels, you can then unlock some different unlockable characters that merely look different from one another, and a leaderboard system where you can put on your point there.

In conclusion, this game will just explore area, get involved in the battle then reach points
On the other side, this game seems to miss an opportunity that feels just about as dry and empty as its setting.
However, as an arcade game stye, this game may still be wort to try and play on your phone


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