Review of Offroad Legends 2 by Dogbyte Games

Watching the trailer of Offroad Legends 2 is similar to the Trials series of games, but it is a less refined with physics-based racer.

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This game comes with a bunch of variety at hand, you will do a racing with using trucks, buses, monster trucks, and more to negotiate the various obstacles within each level.
Anyways, you will never quite get fully comfortable with one vehicle before you move onto the next.

On the other side, this game will also come along with different objectives.
Moreover, some stages are included here in which they are pretty simple time trials but others will get you to carefully transport goods from one side of the level to the other.

All of this things are almost physics puzzler-esque, whereby you are taking a jump and flinging your truck at a series of platforms for the sake of stars.

Meanwhile, Offroad Legends 2 can spring a surprise on you, in which it gives you hardly any time to react accordingly.
Along the game, you will not see checkpoints here, and levels are short
But, it is still jarring when you fail at the last hurdle.

Thus, from above statements, Offroad Legends 2 is not quite perfect to play with but it is reasonably enjoyable and fun.
Sometimes, you will get frustrated by its unfair moments, in which this is about to what physics-based racing mean.


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