Review of Nitropia War Commanders as RTS and Tower Defense Game

Bulkypix has offered Nitropia as a well-balanced mix between Tower Defense and RTS Real-Time Strategy
This game is free to play with 3 playable levels the you have to unlock all the levels and 3 characters for specific price

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In this game, you have to guide your heroes in a global campaign to beat some villains as well as protecting your borders and commanding your units in real time.

This game features Nitrus as the main currency or a rare resource, which you can use it to evolve your units and turn them into a the most powerful units
On the other side, you can also use it to upgrade the skills of your heroes.

Later on, your skills will also be tested in Two exclusive game modes which are Base Battle and Survival Mode.
Along the game, you will select your best 3 heroes to survive against the mighty bosses.
To protect your base, you have to use offense and defense combo to keep the waves of foes at bay.

To play this game, the most significant of these is the ability to control a mech, as well as placing some towers down.
In line with this, you can move your tower around, so that it can be cutting off your enemies before they get too far or organizing a choke point.

Every mech here will have its own special moves, such as regeneration abilities or extra attack powers.
Furthermore, you will go through some levels to build a command center in which your resources are produced to purchase more towers for defense.

After playing this game a while, your towers will unlock extra abilities such as being able to heal them or slow enemies down for a brief time.

Once placing some towers for offense and defense strategy, you will have to upgrade your mech, as well as the characters you control, adds to the potential of what you can do as you progress.

In this game, multi tasking will be so much more important than in other tower defense games
Meanwhile, you will soon enjoy this game as really tower defense and rts genre.


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