Review of NHL 2K Hockey Game

The newest game from 2K is NHL 2K where it has been launched to mobile devices everywhere
Here, 2K has brought about an interesting new mobile hockey game.

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This game is impressive when you gather up its several modes of play
Here, you can play in game modes such as My Career, Quick Game, Multiplayer, Free Skate PRactice, and more.

Then, when you consider some of these are not even available on the latest NHL 15 via EA, they are still awe-inspiring.

On the other side, there are some opportunities to play with others as well.
Unfortunately, this game is objectively not that great of a hockey game as it contains a bizarre mishmash of mechanics that simply do not work that well with another.

Meanwhile, puck physics are especially strange
And, when you combine that with the fact that you will not have tactile controls to help you from keeping centered and on top of the action, so that it makes for some very frustrating gameplay.

In line with this, you can use a specific control scheme in that you can swap to “one touch” to simplify things.

Plus, this game comes with visuals that are not even on par with other titles from the same year.
This game will look much different from a game you will pay $60 and upward for
However, this game comes with the advancements in the mobile scene these days in which you would assume the players would look leagues better than what NHL 2K has to offer.


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